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Uniting Voices: Spreading holiday cheer with community singing

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Christmas can be a really exciting time for so many people. I mean, my 7 year old is reminding me daily just how excited she is! And for us as a Choir, we absolutely adore this time of year.

We’ve been singing as a group for just over 10 years and we have a really wide range of Christmas songs within our repertoire. Within this set of music, there's some classics such as A Winters Tale, Carol of the Bells, Feliz Navidad and Walking In A Winter Wonderland. Being honest, there’s mixed feelings about each of the Christmas songs. In fact, we had a bit of a giggle at Tuesday's rehearsal as I felt like I was in a pantomime. When I announced the next song to practice, there were either groans, cheers or a mixture of both!

Jokes aside, we've got a really busy schedule coming up over the next month. Being busy is great for us as a choir because we get to spend so much time with each other. There’s lots of friendships within the group and seeing each other so frequently over the festive period really solidifies these connections. Of course by now, many of you will know how singing in a group forms social bonds, and it’s really apparent in our community choir.

The great thing about singing at Christmastime is that we get to perform at lots of different events. This is a great opportunity for us, (without sounding too much like Will Ferrell from Elf), we get to share some Christmas cheer! This makes us feel really good and hopefully you will feel great from hearing a Christmas choir too.

Lastly, it's a great opportunity to fund raise for some worthwhile causes. We always perform voluntarily and any donation to our charity buckets is always greatly appreciated. We are supporting Bone Cancer Trust, which is a charity very close to one of our Choir members hearts. You can read her story here. We will also be supporting a local family in Loscoe when we perform at The Eclipse Christmas Market. Willow's story can be read here.

We hope to see you at some of the Christmas events and all the details are listed below.

If singing in a choir is something you're interested in, check out further details on the website or look into signing up for the Sing Out event in January.


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There is absolutely no encouragement or wishing that you do so but I am so thankful for any support you offer, be it a coffee voucher like this, a like, comment or share of something I have created.


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