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Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Tuesday 10th October was World Mental Health day and on that morning whilst I was preparing for this weeks choir session, I'd been chatting with one of my longest friends about our own mental health.

She was planning on coming along to choir for the first time and I was of course, very happy that my good friend would be coming to sing alongside me. We'd spent a lot of our time in our twenties singing together, her for fun, me having any excuse to play the piano. This was often accompanied with a glass of wine... or two!

So on World Mental Health day we had coincidentally been discussing ways in which we destress (that don't involve alcohol). I'm reknown amongst my friends and family for running but despite its intentions for relaxation, sometimes I find it does quite the opposite! Busy trying to fit in the miles, get showered and ready before work and then getting obsessed with races and marathons, I often burn out.

For many reasons this week I've been forced to think about my own balance and consider that if running is no longer suited to me, what do I do to destress and support my own mental health and wellbeing. In aiddition to this, I've been taking some time to consider how I divide and commit my time to work, family and self care. My friend was also thinking about her own wellbeing and how to find that tricky balance of caring for others as well as herself.

My friend really enjoys music. She's got a great voice, sings harmony really well and also plays the piano (I know my choir members reading this are going to be hoping she decides to stick at it!). Singing and enjoying music is an obvious choice for her to connect and unwind, and it's probably the case for many of my choir members.

I on the other hand do not find music as a destress. Spending a lot of my days sat at a piano and the ever so self critical musicians ear is not the best combination for a zen hour or two! I thoroughly enjoy music and I have such gratitude for my profession... but relaxation, it is not.

So searching for other sources of relaxation is important for myself and although I dabble in yoga and reflexology from time to time, I haven't found the pivotal balance. But maybe it's not a defintive point. Maybe it's like the change of the seasons, ever evolving and adapting to its surroundings. Maybe we as individuals need to open and adjust to what serves our peace.

Mental health is not a destination but a process...

World Mental Health day can resonate with many people for so many reasons but the focus for myself this week is to adjust the balance and have an openness for change.

I'm encouraging my blog readers to share their experiences. I'd love to hear what you do for your mental health and what brings you peace and balance within your own life. Maybe it's singing, playing the piano, yoga or something entirely different.

Feel free to drop your comments below and share your experiences of finding the balance.


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