Charlotte Mendly


Brinsley Community Choir started in May 2012 and was initially a get together with friends and a quick trip the pub afterwards. News soon spread of the new singing group and members grew from twelve to eighty members. 

The core of the choir is community. We are committed to make our singing mark in the area we live. We do this by singing at local events, raising money for local charities and welcoming new faces and building friendships during our rehearsals.


Our achievements include regional coverage for the release of 'Angels' charity single, raising money for local charities at our annual concerts and winning the choir class at Selston Music Festival 2019. 

The choir now has two additional locations in Ilkeston and Nuthall. Across the three choirs there are over 150 members. 


Sessions are payable in blocks of six and payment is paid via the booking services on the website.


If you aren't able to make a rehearsal, that's OK. Charlotte will keep you up to date with the harmonies and notices each week. 


If you would like any further information about any choir, please get in touch.

What to gain

Singing is proven to improve mental wellbeing, especially when singing in a group. There are also physical benefits to gain when joining a choir.

Some of the potential benefits are:

Improve posture

Enhance singing ability

Develop friendships

Learn to sing in harmony

Impact local communities through fundraising